Allied Health

At Waitematā DHB, allied health jobs include

  • Dental Therapists - Dental/Oral Health Therapists (OHTs) are registered dental professionals who provide routine dental care for NZ children up until the age of 18, with a focus on prevention. Oral Health Therapists employment in the private sector provide dental hygiene care for patients of all ages. In 2019, the Dental Council of New Zealand removed the age restriction for OHTS, so in the future they will be able to provide restorative care to patients of all ages. Working for Waitematā DHB you can work anywhere in the Auckland region as we are a regional service.
  • Occupational Therapists - Occupational Therapy is a client-centred health profession focused on promoting health and wellness through occupation and participation. Occupational Therapists are registered health professionals who work with people of all ages, across physical and mental health settings, in both hospital and community settings. Waitematā DHB employs around 150 Occupational Therapists. We provide robust support and learning for new graduates, including emerging rotational positions, on-going professional development, and a range of exciting career opportunities. We are valued for our responsive, problem solving and practical approaches, and work collaboratively within inter-disciplinary teams to provide assessment and intervention for people accessing health services.
  • Physiotherapists - Physiotherapists at Waitematā DHB provide patient-centered care and working closely with the multidisciplinary team. We work in a variety of specialist areas from the Emergency department, Intensive care unit, medical and surgical wards, specialist stroke ward, rehabilitation, outpatients, community and paediatrics. Waitematā DHB value staff development and research. We have a successful rotation plan for new graduates, as well as opportunities to gain experience and training in specialist areas. We have a supportive environment for research within the physiotherapy field with opportunities to work closely with local universities towards publications.
  • Speech and Language Therapists - Speech Language therapy is one of the smaller groups within the allied health workforce and as a result works hard to stand out as a dynamic and innovative team at Waitematā DHB. Strong commitment to evidence based practice, clinically relevant research and patient centred care practice is something we can be proud of.  Working in a supportive multidisciplinary team our Waitematā DHB team lead the way in terms of providing opportunities for staff to excel working with  both communication and swallowing disorders.  Currently there are three dysphagia research projects and two aphasia research projects underway in collaboration with University of Canterbury, Auckland and Queensland.  Training in use of instrumental swallowing assessments such as endoscopic and videofluoroscopic evaluation of swallowing are available and readily used to provide best care for our patients.  Our Early discharge team prides itself in providing the  best inter disciplinary intensive service it can, within a patients home environment and the patient outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive as a result.
  • Clinical Dietitians - Dietitians at Waitematā DHB are valued members of the multidisciplinary team and work in a variety of specialist areas including acute (medical and surgical), renal, bariatric, outpatient, community, paediatric and diabetes. Waitematā DHB Dietitians are trained in the HAES approach to weight management. Waitematā DHB dietitians value staff development and there are opportunities to gain experience and training in specialist areas within the team.
  • Social Workers - Waitematā DHB welcomes social workers who want to make a positive difference in the lives of people who are facing challenges due to ill health and or disability for themselves or a family whānau member. Join like-minded people working as a part of multi-disciplinary teams across Physical Health and Mental Health Services as we work to improve patient and family’s health outcomes.  We engage in social work therapeutic and practical interventions to assist people to feel empowered to achieve their goals and to feel safe in their worlds.  If you want variety in your career with the opportunity to move across different fields of practice, variety in your working day with never a dull moment and great professional and collegial support as you grow and develop in your skill and experience then come join us!
  • Needs Assessors/Service Co-ordinators
  • Clinical Pharmacists - Our team of pharmacists provides a patient-focused and technology-innovative pharmacy service. Utilisation of an automated medicine distribution system, electronic Medicines Reconciliation, electronic Prescribing and Administration, together with electronic Clinical Notes provides an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of electronic medicines management in New Zealand, and to develop skills and knowledge in this area.  We are the only hospital pharmacy in New Zealand to use all of these systems providing an environment able to support the continued development of clinical pharmacy activities and to explore new and innovative ways of working. We have an on-going commitment to improving medication safety in our DHB, and support a culture of learning in a supportive team environment.  
  • Psychologists - Join a highly trained and well supported team of psychologists working alongside a broad group of professionals in specialised multidisciplinary teams. You will have an opportunity to work with diverse multi-ethnic population presenting with wide range of psychological difficulties. You will join other psychologist in providing number of the latest evidence based treatments to ameliorate suffering and improve psychological wellbeing of our service users.  As a psychologist you will have variety of opportunities to up skill and develop your individual interests, to develop specific expertise across wide range of areas through in-house trainings, access to supervision, peer supervision , different interest groups, DBT training, etc. Waitematā DHB offers flexible work schedules and it is dedicated to provide healthy workplace for its employees. Tina Holton, one of our Psychologists at Isa Lei won our excellence award for developing group treatment for Pacifica women.

Each profession has a professional leader/advisor who directly supports practitioners.

We are family oriented and believe in a good work-life balance. There are often options for allied health practitioners to work on a part-time, fixed-term or casual basis.

If you are an allied health professional with high standards of practice, looking to work in a supportive, friendly environment with high priority given to professional development.