A Great Place To Work

We are part of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, which has consistently been voted one of the best places to live in the world. Living in Auckland means unique lifestyle opportunities that come with being in a vibrant urban centre that also happens to have beaches and open spaces around every corner.

Our district is growing rapidly – growth, brings numerous opportunities to expand our people and services to make even more impact with regard to making a healthy difference in our community.

Waitematā District covers an area north and west of Auckland city where the attitude among it’s inhabitants is all about life style – the pace of life is one that is a more relaxed than the central city. An example of this is the beautiful Lake Pupuke which North Shore Hospital borders, a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed lunch break.

Waitakere Hospital is on the doorstep of the Waitakere ranges, perfect for walking and the rugged coastal West Coast beaches (perfect for the surfing enthusiasts)

Our mission is to make a healthy difference in our community

Our 8,700 friendly staff make that difference through their focus on delivering care to our patients with integrity, compassion and respect, which creates the unique, community feel in our hospitals.

We make a healthy difference in our region as well. Waitematā District is a provider of forensic, mental health, school dental and alcohol and drugs services to the Auckland and Northland regions.

Despite our community feel, we are the largest employer in the district, providing a range of hospital and community-based services, from the North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals and several other sites and facilities.

And we are growing. Our district is experiencing enormous growth ― growth which brings with it numerous opportunities to expand our staff and services and make an even bigger difference in our community.

Celebrating the hard work and achievement of our people is important to us too. The annual Waitematā Health Excellence Awards are an opportunity to recognise the efforts of our employees and their innovations which aim to improve the quality of the treatment, care and recovery of people living in our district.



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