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Waitemata District Health Board

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enviromark gold

Enviro-Mark Certified

Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals were audited and have received certification to Enviro-Mark Gold level. Enviro-Mark is an independent third party environmental certification, reflecting excellence in environmental management and protection. Waitemata is the first District Health Board in New Zealand to become Enviro-Mark certified.

Waitemata DHB was also the inaugural recipient of the ‘Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Award’ in 2014, presented by the New Zealand Climate and Health Congress.

Programmes Waitemata DHB have operational currently:

  • Recycling programmes are operational in all Waitemata DHB facilities, covering glass, hard plastic, soft plastic, metal, cans, paper, cardboard and e-waste. We also have collaborative relationships with not-for-profits, who we work with to donate medical equipment that we can no longer use. This equipment is sent to overseas partners in developing countries.
  • Carpooling programmes are running at both North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals. This includes dedicated priority car parking and a guaranteed ride home.
  • Active Travel promotions also run periodically throughout the year, covering walking, cycling and bussing to and from work. This includes give-aways such as free two week bus pass trials and cycling safety training. We also have secure cycle storage at both North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals, to ensure bikes remain safe while staff are working.
  • Energy Efficiency programmes are operational, with our latest programme being the installation of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. This lighting saves us around 65% of our lighting energy costs, provides a far more natural light, but also allows us to install daylight and motion sensors. LED lighting has now been approved for inclusion as our standard lighting for all refurbishments and new-builds.
  • Our Sustainability Champions Network has been running for a few years now, with over 30 members across various facilities. This network enables staff to get involved, provide ideas and assist in the rollout of new programmes and messages.
  • Sustainability training presentations are available for any member of staff that would like to understand more about what sustainability is and why it is important.